Canadian Saver, you brought up a good point!

I neglected to say that when/if I remortgage, I will be cancelling my LOC and dropping my Visa limit to 2,000.00, down from 10,000.00. That way, there is NO temptation for me to spend! I need to take 2 hours and really crunch numbers to see what's the best plan of action. Plus if I decided to do it, my bank is having 2.99% on a 4 year until the end of the month!

My dad will be transfered to the hospital at home today or tomorrow. He still is confused by times and has weakness on his left side. He needs physiotherapy to strenghten his left side. My mother is very happy, as she's been in a hotel for 14 days... The dog will be staying with her this week. I was going to bring him with me, but she asked to have him. I think she doesn't want to stay alone in the house.


Jolie said…
boatloads of research on the positive effects of having a pet around during stressful times. That's great that he is going to be with your mom.
Jane said…
A dog is such a comfort, it's nice that you can do that for your mom.
I have to say that 2.99% would make me look seriously at breaking my mortgage early!
Maureen said…
Great choice of company for her.
jpkittie said…
awe - sending positive thoughts your way

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