I wonder what the soup will taste like?

Today was designated for clean the fridge day. I bagged up all the frozen and perishable goods, took them to my mothers, and cleaned out the fridge. While doing so I found the following: a frozen chicken carcass, 1/4 box of chicken stock, 1 cooked and frozen chicken breast, 1/2 cup frozen corn, 1 cup of frozen tomato and about a cup and a half of salsa that was just beginning to get wonky. I decided to make soup from it all ( adding a bay leaf, chicken soup base, carrots and onion). Since I've made the stock, I've added 1/2 cup brown rice and 1 can of white kidney beans. I'll toss some more frozen veggies in later and I'll let you know how the soup tastes.

Just sampled the soup- looks and tastes like vegetable soup with a bit of kick. Plus it made enough for about 10 servings!


Tanner said…
You lost me at the wonky salsa. Hope it turns out great!
What a great idea! I have on our menu for next week to make soup with some frozen meats and veggies that we have too.
its me, sam said…
Tanner, it wasn't bad, just getting a little watery. The house smells great!
Jane said…
That's the way I like to cook lol! Mystery soup! Waste not want not! I'll be making my ratatouille later - love soup for lunch!
Canadian Saver said…
Those are the best kinds of soups!! Glad it tastes good! Yum.
The Witch said…
I'm sure the soup will turn out and taste delicious. Great it will last you a few meals also.
This is a inspiration for me to clean out my freeze next weekend.
It's a job I really hate doing.

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