She's only been back a few days and is driving me crazy!

My anal retentive- obsessive compulsive co-worker is back from her sick leave. She is already driving everyone crazy! Thank goodness I only have about 8 working days left with her, and then I'll be working from home again until the contract is done ( for the most part). I'm already tired of her making private calls with her door open, hovering over my desk asking me if I've seen this document before ( yes I have, as I created it), and last but not least, in the staff lounge, eating lunch, picking at my leftovers... ( she's notoriously cheap and a scrounge)...

Let the count down begin!

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babybluewater said…
Sorry to hear about your coworker. At least the countdown is on! In the meantime, does she know it's your leftovers that she's eating? I'd write the tiniest note and leave it on the food so when she gets into it she'll see it in there, maybe with her name on it asking her if she enjoys eating other peoples food... hehehe!
Who is this woman? I'll call her out!!!


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