I've fallen off the radar...

The past 7 weeks have been a bit of a whirl wind... I've read some of your updates but not all... I hope that the spring/ fall depending where yo live has been kind to you so far.

Since my last update, LG has under gone a MRI, a consultation with a neurosurgeon and under went minimally invasive back surgery! It was a huge success! He has no more pain, he's allowed to drive again and to see the difference in him has been amazing. it was a crazy few weeks, but we made it through it.

I took the first part of a course, now I have to do the hands on part, which will take me about 6 months or so. I really enjoyed it, but I had some challenges... My dyslexia, which has been always been slowly simmering in the back ground, was in high gear. right left, up, down, b-d, p-q, posed some serious challenges. I made it work for me, not without some tears and being upset with myself  ( feeling stupid like I did as a kid for brief moments of time). I had to stop and remind myself that I could do this, and just feel my way through it. I did notice that i did not doodle what so ever while learning, and for me, that's how I learn ( auditory and tactile), I didn't want to appear rude, so I ignored myself and struggled as a consequence. Next time, I'll be doodling like mad.lol

It's been a lot of small AH moments in the past months too...  I've learned that my anxiety manifests itself in procrastination... I'm not lazy... At almost 50, this has been a small but significant break through. I'm learning new techniques to work with it... Who say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.    :)

I'm still doing my routine of work treatments, rest, recovery... B-Kat, a while ago you offered some support... I'm going to email you soon... 

I hope everyone is doing ok. I think of Canadian saver daily and add her to my get well list... I'm sign off for now, and  I'll make a conscious effort to write sooner than later!



Hawaii Planner said…
Good to hear from you! And, great news about the surgery recovery
Anxiety manifesting as procrastination. What course are you taking? If this is part of it, I'd love a look - I wonder if this is part of my 'problem'? You are missed, Sam, but it's so good to have an update and hear that things are looking up. I hope the 'aha' moments continue - they're worth it! xx
T'Pol said…
Sending you good vibes from across the ocean and then some! Wishing you the best. You can do whatever you put your mind to, I am sure. Spring is almost here and then it will be long nice summer days. All will be good!
Jane said…
Well I didn't notice you were gone for awhile because so was I haha! Don't ya just love anxiety. When mine starts to get the better of me I force myself to go to the forest because the last thing I want to do is get up off the couch, but I make myself. I know I will always feel better afterwards but it can be a struggle. I'm not lazy either though it might look like that to other people. You are getting lots done with the course you're taking and getting the rest and recovery you need. Everyone has challenges - we just have to keep working on ourselves. And be nice to ourselves. Glad to hear LG's surgery was a success!
Canadian Saver said…
So glad you are posting updates! Sounds like you have so much going on... thankfully LG's surgery went well :)

Thanks for thinking and praying for me :) My treatments are going well, 5/8 done, go back Tuesday if my white blood cell count increases... it's been almost a year and I am so looking forward to going back to work and regaining a sense of normalcy! I have been to the oncology center more than anywhere else in the last year!

Take care, and Happy Easter :)

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