Feb 22/19

Hello All,

How are things in your corner of the world? It's snowy and cold ( most days) around here, which has made for a very long winter so far. there is lots of ice under the snow, which can make walking dangerous, so the walks are short and infrequent. ( Note to self, buy ice grippers for my boots for 2020).

I've been to see the naturapothic DR, and I'm taking some vitamins to help with my physical body ( and they are helping me mentally), plus she added meditation to my daily routine and a blast of cold water to end my showers...

I'm still working my way back to FT. Its a very slow process... But this week, I increased by work week by 2 hours! Go me! I keep plugging away and I'd like to be back FT by May ( but we shall see).

LG is down and out with his back. He's off for sure for a few weeks, and he'll be applying for sick EI.  Fingers crossed that he'll get the ball rolling and specialist can been seen sooner than later.

My bills are paid, i have plenty of food to eat and a warm home, a car to drive and family that loves me. What more could I ask for? ( Some day I'll write more about that lol)

I've been cleaning slowly but steadily. I've donated about 80 books, gifted a few sets to people who will love them as much as I did. I've donated a big bag of clothing and boots. I have started to gather up DD's things that are still here and will deliver her things to her when ever we go to visit her.   I am going to tackle the dreaded paper work this weekend. This has always been my biggest issue... But it's a new year, and I'm going to become friends with my papers. :)

I even took the back of the dryer and gave it a good cleaning. There was very little lint, some sand, and a pearl earring, tweezers, and bobby pins found... I was thrilled! I even ( well LG did), sanded the top of the dryer where it had rusted, and a little bit of white appliance spray paint and it looks amazing!

and to finish off:

Canadian Saver, I hope your treatments are going well! I've been saying a few prayers and healing vibes your way.

Eboo, if you read this, I hope all is well. I miss reading your blogs, and if you have a new one, could you send me a link? I was tidying the other day, and was looking at my soaps, and was wishing that you and your sister were still selling them!

Jolie, just thinking about you!



T'Pol said…
Hi Sam, glad you are doing better. Spring is around the corner and I am sure nice weather will help you too.
Hawaii Planner said…
Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself, and going slowly! Good for you. Sending you lots of good wishes.
Canadian Saver said…
Hope everything is going well with you, it's been a while since your last update! Things with me are moving along faster than I figured, I will be having my 4th of 8 treatments this week... Side effects are worsening, but I know what to expect so it's not as bad as I thought. Can't wait to be done and return to work sometime around August I imagine, I will have been off a whole year by then!

Take care!

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