Nov 16/18

First off I want to send good, healing vibes to Canadian Saver.... One of the first blogs I ever read and she is truly an inspiration in every way! :)

And a big shout out to those who offered some sounds advice! Thanks again! Much appreciated!

Things are slowly improving on the information front... Not necessarily the news I was expecting, but at  least there are answers. And a few tears were shed today out of frustration, but I dusted myself off and all is good.

B-Kat, I'm glad you had a strong Union. It does make thing easier. All I got from mine was a shrug and a SOL... So nice to see my union dues hard at work... Note the side of sarcasm here.

The money situation is slowly getting sorted out... My goal is to have the over draft paid off in about 6 months or so... and I will work on the others slowly and steadily.  Plus I have 1 car payment left at the end of the month and then it's mine! :) My goal is to keep it for another 5 years... ( Dating a mechanic is a good thing)... Plus he's taught me a lot about cars, which is another bonus!

I'm keeping optimistic and I've been thinking about picking up my paint brushes again and just starting some where with it...  I did make a crystal tree with amythest and another green stone last month with copper wire from my dad... It's rough, but I used a purple rock from PEI and I smile when ever I see it. Now, i just need a few pain free days to get the house scrubbed and I'd be set!

Oh, and did I mention that we are having another snow storm? This is the third one so far! Yep, that's right third and we still have 5 weeks or so til the winter solstice!  I took my mother out yesterday, and did some grocery shopping. I'm well stocked, lol Can't beat frozen veggies for 2.00/bag :)

I'm truly blessed, I'm happy and I have a roof over my head...


Jane said…
My sister in PEI has been complaining about the early start to winter and all of the storms they've had already! We've been a bit luckier here in Ontario not getting the volume of snow that you easterners are getting. Though yesterday it was freezing rain and that is supposed to happen today as well.
I hope you can keep your car going for 5 more years - you have a distinct advantage which will help!! :) Then that payment, soon to be over, can help you with other debt.
Canadian Saver said…
Thanks Sam! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and very sorry that you've lost your dear puppy... it's never easy :(

I will come out of this OK, going for surgery next week (and get to spend Christmas in the hospital ick!) and need 4 months of chemo after... but the outlook is positive, and hopefully by the summer I am ready to go back to work!

Take care xox

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