aug 11/18

Hello all,

I haven;t fallen off the face of the earth, I'm busy trying to heal this body of mine. LOL

As of midnight tonight,
I'll officially be on medical EI sick benefits. ( well, once i can get the claim figured out, which will be Monday at the office, because I started it and couldn't get back in to it). I'll be on it until early September for sure, may be longer. I'm actually taking the time to heal the body this time, and not rush back to work because they need me. Nope, not happening. I've come to the realization that I'm only a number/warm body there, and I said to my self " enough", heal this time and screw the money, because there's no point in making money if you can;t enjoy your life. I have been fortunate that I've been able to work a short shift or two at my part time job to help get me out and socializing.

The weather here has been brutally hot and humid. It finally broke yesterday, and the windows are wide open and the A/C is off! I even mowed the back lawn finally. The front lawn is burnt, with lots of weed patches... I'll mow it slowly. :)

We have done small fun things on the weekends, like farmers markets, running errand and BBQ's.  Nothing outrageous, just real life. 

Hope all is well you you and yours. Oh, and I've just celebrated my 10th anniversary of blogging the other day. It's been a long time. LOL


Jan said…
Congrats on 10 years of blogging! rest up, its so easy to ignore our health and just push through but most workplaces don't appreciate it and it just makes us more unwell in the long run.
Hi Sam! Lovely to hear from you. I'm sorry you're still unwell but very glad to hear you're going to take the time you need to get better. And congratulations on 10 years of blogging! Hope you're feeling better soon xx
Jane said…
Take all the time you need - the job isn't going anywhere! I had to take time off once with a workplace injury and the guilt of staying home was terrible. They really make you jump through hoops, don't they? I hope you all able to get the help you need to fully heal - without our health life kinda sucks!
Linda said…
Take it easy and enjoy the healing.
Canadian Saver said…
Hope you figured out how to apply for EI sick benefits and are feeling better! I'll have to apply soon, fortunately with my employer they cover the first 15 weeks, then EI for 15 weeks... in my case it might be longer... Take care of yourself!

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