June 7, 2018

Hello everyone!

It's been a month since I last posted, so here goes the update!

I haven;t worked at my ft job since my car accident ( I got rear ended). I'm still having issues with my neck and shoulder/collar bone. Since I have to wear a type of uniform and all the gear to go to work, I can;t wear part of my uniform because of the accident. My sick time will run out in July and if that happens before I can go back to work, I'll have to go on sick EI. There are worse things that could happen. I'm making some plans that look all scenarios.

I've been going to appointments of all sorts since. That is what eating up most of my time lol. I've been reading lots and walking the dogs. Today I'm going to attempt to mow the lawn.

I did go to visit my DD and we had a good visit. I walked lots, ate some good food and rested even more. LG and I are still heading out next week to visit his extended family. I'll be seeing a Chiropractor  up there while I'm away. ( Mine is setting it all up for me, gotta love it).

That's enough for today, typing at the computer can trigger my shoulder, so I'll writer later on! Hope all is well with everyone!


Linda said…
If typing triggers your shoulder, what will mowing do?
its me, sam said…
Linda, mowing knocked me out! I did half on Thursday, and finished it today. I slept for an hour afterwards... Today wasn't so bad. But I had done the hilly part on Thursday. And I had a massage yesterday, which definitely helped out! My neck is stiff... But it has to be done!
Jane said…
Ohhh Sam - I am sorry you're going through this! I know what it's like to live with chronic pain and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. One day at a time I guess. You're doing all of the right things so hopefully you see some progress sooner than later. Hugs!!

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