March 28/18

Hello all, I'm here for my biweekly check in...

Things are the same as ever. No big events happening in my life... Which is good.

DD had a great visit with her dad and got to meet her baby brother. He is so stinking cute! Her big news is that she's going back to University in the fall! :) I'm a happy momma...

I went on my second snowmobile trip of the season. Not a huge fan, but I said I would go twice a year with LG.  It's a compromise ( don't all relationships have them?), so I smile and go!

Our yearly trip to visit DD in Montreal will happen earlier this year, but everyone is good with this! We're planning of teaching DD how to can and preserve while we're there! ( I'll be picking things up for her here and there, LG and I have already started amassing things we'll need :)

My momma turned 78 on the weekend. She's still going strong ( some days shes a bit slower moving, so on those days, she walks my oldest dog, whos very slow these days).

My FT job... well... Lets just say that it's a chaotic mess right now... Some people love to stir up a mess, and I'm at the point where I go, do what I have to and go home... A lottery win would be nice. LOL

I'm off to marinade some chicken thighs  to make slouvaki ...  I hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend!


Jane said…
Sometimes the same old same old IS a good thing :) I'm not a big snowmobiler either though that's not really an issue in the city. Sorry work is such a mess - I remember those days and I don't miss them one little bit!

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