Jan 7/18

This is my first post for 2018... It'll be short and sweet!

Weather wise- it's been freezing cold, and we had a blizzard on Thursday/ Friday. YUCK!  I've been a couch potato..

Work, I started back att he ft job on the 2nd, and worked at my pt job on Saturday. I made way less money than I make on a lunch shift... But I'll work two shifts this weekend! I've got some stuff to pay off asap, and I need new glasses... :)

LG is good, he's picked up a bug and spent the vast majority of the day sleeping. DB spent last night with his mom, first time since new years eve...  MY DD is doing good. She's working and living her life. I missed her dearly these past few weeks.

I dropped my iphone 4 and smashed the back. Duct tape to the rescue! It'll keep me going for a while...

The dogs are good, a bit shack whacky because of the cold. It's supposed to warm up later in the week. There will be a few long walks soon!

Health wise- Shoulder has been diagnosed as frozen shoulder... Which is common among women and menopause...  Other wise... Two gall bladder attacks, and that's it. I hope everyone had a good break!


Jane said…
Shack wacky - haven't heard that one before lol! Sorry to hear about the frozen shoulder - is there anything that can be done for that? Physio? Lots of flu going on around here, touch wood I haven't been sick yet. This is a time for laying low (hibernating) til spring as far as I'm concerned! After a couple days of rain we're headed back to the deep freeze so it's mighty slippery outside.
Be careful out there!

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