Nov 10/17

Hello all, I'm calling this my monthly check-in. ( LOL), as that seems to be the extent that I blog in the past year or two...

The dogs are both still here, my poor boy has a very bad right hip, but he still wants to go and walk and live his life the best he can! ( I know that every day I have with him is a blessing as his health is failing and I love his to pieces!). My foster girl dog  is still here and she'll be a permanent residence I do believe.

LG and I are doing well... We take great joy in doing the every day things, planning and cooking meals, running errands, visiting with family and friends.  His DB has been spending more time with his momma on the weekends, so we have some time for just the two of us on occasion.

I'm making time for friends and still working on improving my fitness again, but new ( old) injuries keep popping up, which is very frustrating! I have rotor cuff issues now... YUK...

My issues with money are about the same, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... LOL...

My DD is going good, still working and loving it... I'm hoping to see her in the early spring.

I'm still working both places, and liking it still. I do have a harder time working long shifts at the restaurant...  I'm not 40 anymore... :)

I turned 48 last week, and it was a very low key day. Breakfast out, phone calls, homemade seafood chowder and company for supper, and a lovely Himalayan  salt rock lamp for the living room.  I also got a start on Christmas shopping... :)

Tomorrow we'll go to a remembrance day ceremony and go visit friends for the night.  All is well here in my world. How is everyone else doing?


Sam! Lovely to hear from you :) Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely day you had. Glad your boy is still with you and funny that your girl is a foster fail! Those are the best kind. :D
What about swimming for your injuries? Gentle yet effective. Always great to hear from you. xx

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