September 19/17

Hello everyone, how's your month going so far? I can't complain! The weather has been lovely, my house is not a messy as usual, ( LOL), the dogs are good, LG and DB are good, and we're off tomorrow to visit my baby girl for 4 days ( she's not a baby any more, she'll be 25 next week! Eek and her dad and his partner are having a new baby next week too... We figure that the baby will be born on her birthday... two kids 25 years apart... Glad its him and not me... :) )

I've been busy working the first part of this month, I'm slowing down on my vacation time, so I'll only have a few days left to take off her and there... :( But I'll have much more time next year.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and i hope all is well in your world!


Linda said…
What is bus working? I can believe you are happy it is him and not you. Can you imagine having a baby 25 years after having one launched for a while? I would just die.
Jane said…
Oh Lord, he must have a much younger girlfriend!! Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that! Have fun visiting your daughter - is she still in Montreal?

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