August 21/17

update... I started this on the 21st, it's now the 24th.

Today is the day of the solar eclipse... Here, we're going to have a partial one... It'll start soon... :) and did you now that in 2024, my area will be having the next full solar eclipse... :) Pray for sunshine that day ! LOL

August is moving along fast... School starts in two weeks... and the teachers here go back on Monday. I'm on days off, I'm only actually working 6 days this month at my FT job...  It's been able to have lots of time off that keeps me there some days... Plus in January, I'll have 20years, and I'll get another weeks vacation, plus another holiday, so I'll have a total of 468.75 hours off work... I'll be schedule to work 131 x 11.25 hour shifts next year... not too bad, eh!

I've been keeping busy with little things this summer. Day trips, exploring the backroads, going to events that I've heard of and wanted to go to but never had... Its been fun. This week, DB is gone away with his mom and her beau. It's the first time he's been away with his mom on a long trip since before I started dating LG...  He seems to be having fun.

My DD is coming home for a visit next week. She's in a wedding in PEI on labour day weekend. Her shoes for the wedding arrived her today, with a 40.00 duty charge. It balanced out, as I used her rogers account to set up my new cell phone... :)

She'll be here for a few days, and we're going to have a seafood fest one night. Lobster, mussels, crag legs, scallops and shrimp.... plus some local corn and new potatoes, and other summer veggies....

How's everyone else summer wrapping up? And Jane, I cannot comment on your blog... I've done something and screwed up the discus thing... LOL. I will get it figured out soon!


Jane said…
Oh no! I wonder what the problem is? Good luck in figuring it out :) I LOVE how you've calculated your time off in hours!! It's gotten really cool here, like autumn already! Too quick of a transition to me - I'd like to have a few more HOT days before autumn settles in for good.

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