August 1/17

Hello all, I thought today was the 31st of July, but I was wrong... Opps...

So Far this summer has been good. We've had hot humid weather, which I no longer like... I like sunny but no humidity... I've been working at both places, enjoying them both.  ( as a side note, during the winter months I'll be working a bit more at my pt job, as LG like to snowmobile with his friends on Saturdays, me not so much, so I'll work three of my more Saturdays off starting in the new year).

LG and I have been having a fun summer. We've had some random day trips on the weekend, exploring local places that we drive by all the time, but never seem to stop to explore. :)

We're going camping for a few days this week. We'll be home for the long weekend late Saturday afternoon. Not sure what we'll do but I'm sure we'll do something... Whether its a day at the beach or exploring somewhere new.

Other than that, not much else is going on. My DD will be home for a quick trip at the end of the month, the dogs are good... and I've been tobacco free for a year now!



Jane said…
That's so amazing - one year of not smoking!! Way to go! You will reap the benefits with better health & more money for fun stuff with LG :) Have fun camping and I hope the weather is good!

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