July 14/17

Hello all!

I had a wonderful vacation in PEI. We had good weather, not too hot, not too cold, lots of sunshine, good meals, lot of laughs and just hanging out together... I took three photos the time i was there... Too busy living( for us anyways).... LG took a few, and so did everyone else. The dogs had a blast... They love running on the beach...

I've been back to work and keeping busy there... I've been working a little more at my pt job... Which is nice...  I've made only 1/3 of what i normally make at my pt job and I feel the difference in my pocket book... Mind you, I work a lot less, so I have more time to me... its a trade off... :)

I just keep ticking along doing my own thing... How is everyones summer going?


Jane said…
So glad you had a great time in PEI - the good weather comes and goes so glad it was nice for you. I'm not sure why but there is a photobucket image blocking your post. Is it just me?
its me, sam said…
Awk... I can;t get rid of the squares... any one out there teckie that can help! :)
Wow! What a difference! I could've sworn I had stopped by before now but obviously not - glad you had a great time in PEI. Don't worry about not posting - have fun living real life! It's always great to hear from you xx

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