I'm still here! LOL

Some how, time keeps on ticking by and I can't see to make the time to sit and write anything of some significance.  I did get all the stuff donated to the SPCA. The books are still here, but they will be going to their new homes soon... I've been busy with both jobs, family and LG and DB and the dogs of course. ( And I can't forget the marathon phone calls with my one and only DD).

Life is good. My on;t thing is that I've gained a ton of weight... and I feel like poop... I an still tobacco free, it'll be 9 months on the 1st. I've decided that on May 1, I'll be taking control over my fitenss levels once again... and by Christmas I hope to be back where I was two Christams ago... :)

Miss you all, will read and writer more. I'm home on my break from work. The night shifts are going well. It's been over 2 months now...


Jane said…
Why does quitting smoking = weight gain!! It did for me too :( Now I seem to be forever chasing away the weight in an endless cycle of gain and lose, gain and lose. I hope you have better luck than me! Glad all is well in N.B.!

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