Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The road to H@ll is paved with good intentions...

Today is March 7. I have good intentions of blogging more that once every few weeks. but time seems to be slipping by so fast!

It's been a week since Lent began ( I'm a non practicing Roman Catholic, but I still find solace in many of the practices of the church, not all of them lol). I saw on FB, the recommendation to gather one item a day to donate during Lent and then pass it forward when Lent is over in 40 days. I like the idea od good deeds and good intentions, plus the added bonus of ridding my home of items that are still useful, but no longer serve a purpose here in my home. My first place to donate to is going to be the local SPCA ( I'm going to drop 12 items off there in the next two days, old sheets, blankets, etc).

My next items to donate will be books. I'll be donating the books to the local autism centre, the local library, and a women's shelter. My magazines are going to a local seniors home.

The rest of the items will go to the Sally Ann. There are things like a rice cooker, a food slicer, a toaster oven, etc...

I also want to go through my Christmas stuff and get a bin ready for DD of her things. Plus, I have lots more papers to get through... I've got a lot of paper shredded, now I just need to get the rest in some semblance of order.  LOL.

My house is getting a little cleaner, and I disposed of everything from my last job, with the exception of a few pieces of paper and a Tigger stuffie that makes me smile every time I see him.

I've also taken back control over my eating habits, and I'm starting to feel better. Focusing on eating more veggies, less refined things. Plus I love to bargain hunt for good food...  

 the weather is getting better. :) Which means dirty dogs... and dirty floors... lots of sweeping and quick mops happening!

I keep finding pieces of paper that I've written hopes and dreams od over the years... It's quite interesting to see how many of them have happened! I guess what they say is true, writing it down is more likely to make it happen!

It's March break here, and the land of the 3.00 movie matinee, my sister, nephew and DB and I enjoyed fantastical beasts and where to find them this morning. For less than 15.00, BD and I went to the movies, with popcorn included... :) He's spending most of his time with his mom over March break, but will spend every second night with his dad.  I don't think that he shared that with his parents, but tells me this stuff... LOL

I'll be working my first shift in three weeks at my pt job tomorrow.  I'm excited, as I managed to have 150 for everything last for 2 weeks... Gas, groceries, etc... I still have 19.46 in my account... :) 

I did my taxes and for the first time in years, I'll be getting a small amount of money back. I'll buy some extra RRSP's next year ( about 600.00) and I should break even.

I think that is enough for now! Happy Tuesday!



Jane said...

Woohoo on the tax refund!! I know that's not something you usually get! For me it's the opposite - I am paying more tax for the first time in my life!! I had to guestimate how much withholding tax to have taken off my CPP payment, and it seems 10% wasn't enough! :(

Chy said...

I heard this for Lent as well and we ended up purging our master closet and filled two blue bags and one box of items we no longer need that are in great condition. Feels good to gain space but to also help others.

X Chy

Northern Living Allowance said...

You have been busy! Good for you on following through on the Lent commitment. I've got a pile of books and two small, empty drawers in my dresser to show for it. There's still time, I suppose, but I'm up to London this weekend and I honestly can't be bothered in the evening to sort stuff out. :D Great news about the tax refund, though - I generally paid, so was always unreasonably pleased when I got something back, even a little bit. Remember to buy yourself a little something nice! xx

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