Hello all! I'm still here!

I've been off work for almost three weeks and I'm going back tomorrow... My blood pressure shot up and  they sent me home from work. I've been kicking back, getting my house cleaned, dogs walked and healing. My FT job is a high stress job. A lot of my health issues have a direct link to my job.  Shift work, high stress, long hours all play a part. I've gained a ton of weight, all on my middle...  After discussions with the Chiropractor, it's my cordisol level along with hormones that are out of whack.

I've felt like shit since I quit smoking ( ironic isn't it). I've got almost 7 months in now, and it takes up to two years for all the toxins to be released from the body. Think of it like an onion, the toxins are slowly being released layer by layer...  I'm impatient and I want it fixed now! But i have to slow down and heal...  Now, it's up to me to work at improving my health one day at a time! Oh and after nine years, I get to get an xray of my back... LOL. Better later than never.

I've been cleaning out my house while I was home for almost three weeks. I've shredded, disposed of and started a donate pile for both the SPCA and the Sally Ann. I'me slowly going through the "Cure" to get the house in order.

I'll be doing my income taxes soon and I'm hoping that I break even this year! I over paid last year by 550.00. Oops...

LG and I are doing good. We see each other 4 or 5 days a week, and talk on the phone every day. In March we'll have 18 months in... Now, how is that for news! I'm very grateful that he's here!

I found while cleaning, a list of weekly ideas for this blog...  I may start writing more, as in the past this has been a huge stress buster for me!

I'm starting back on the rotation of t2 days, 2 nights this week, so wish me luck! I'm sure that i'll be a hot mess come Saturday morning... But i will survive and thrive!

:) Sam


T'Pol said…
Good to hear from you! Sorry about the health problems. Hope they will go away soon. Looking forward to more posts.
Jane said…
It would be great to hear from you more often :) Sorry about the work stress; I know what that's like. I eat more when I'm stressed and it affects me mentally too. I thought retirement would be an instant cure, but no, it lingers. I had a dream the night before last that I was in the classroom and couldn't find some of my students...sigh....I'm so glad you are able to take time off to relax.

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