Jan 2/2017

Today is the second day of 2017. A new year, a new start to things. I took a quick glance at two of my long time blogging friends posts today... Jolie and  Jane... Both have hit a note with me today.

For the next 363 days, what am i going to do with my life? To be honest, i have no clue besides work. So I'll be asking myself, what are you going to do with your time! ( thanks Jolie, I need this)

The second part is dealing with the black dog of depression... It's rearing its ugly head again... Fawk... It's been a long time... The hardest part is admitting it, and I've acknowledged it very early this time.  I know that a huge part of why it's back is lack of physical exercise and my eating habits have been terrible for the past month or so, too much sugar and fat for sure... I function best on a routine of sorts, and for the past while, my life has been scattered... I've done this to myself and will be working on getting it back.

So I will say that my goal for the next 363 days is to begin to peel off the depression, and allow my physical body to heal again...

This are good with LG, we had a lovely Christmas break. The weather did not cooperate with our plans for News Years, so we stayed put.

I had an electrical fire in my furnace on the 21st of December... Still waiting for quotes to have it repaired... I have heat thanks to the guy who is the contact point... The insurance company will be paying for the heat bill this month...  ( that may also be involved in the depression)...

All I know for sure is that I feel way better now that I've acknowledged the issue... Thanks again dear readers... All the best in 2017!


Hawaii Planner said…
Sending you virtual hugs & good thoughts.
T'Pol said…
I guess everyone feels a bit more depressed during the winter. Hope, you will feel better as spring approaches. I do not like spring at all since for me it is just the beginning of allergy season but still, spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips lift my spirit up whispering something nice is in the air. Wish you the best in 2017!
Happy New Year, Sam! I hope you can work through your fog - I realised last year that I, too, suffer from depression - and come out the other end feeling lighter and less encumbered. I sympathise! I'm glad 2016 ended well for you, however, so hopefully that can be your springboard. I look forward to reading all about your new year! xx
Jane said…
It's funny, or maybe interesting is a better work, how I just was moved to write that post from reading other's posts and it has hit a chord with some people. I was inspired, and as a result, inspired others. I think that's called "paying it forward" even though I didn't really have that as my intent. So, if you feel somewhat lighter now after acknowledging how you're feeling, then that is awesome. I'm sure that will inspire others to take a look at themselves, their life, and their level of happiness. I love how our blogs in our circle help each other even though I've only met a few people in person :) We can have an impact each sitting in our own little home that can spread to the world at large. That's pretty cool.

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