Friday, January 13, 2017

Jan 13/17

Hello all! I survived going back to work... I am looking forward to starting nights again... when that is going to happen is anyone's guess.  LOL

I'm working a little more than I want to at the restaurant as I need to make up the  difference for my new heating system ( 1000).  The quote from the company I had come in was a whole new system for 6600...  Minus my 1000 deductable. The insurance company received a quote for 6600 for just the furnace., minus the 1000 deductible. I went with having an entire new system put in. It's a bigger unit and considering that I've spent over 2000 in repairs on the old one that was installed in 2012... A much better idea. My insurance rates will increase somewhat, but I'm ok with that. They're also going to send a check to have the duct work cleaned and they're going to pay the difference in my heat bill. :) All in all it will have been close to 10,000 in costs...

The new outdoor unit and furnace are here, waiting to be installed on Monday. The check arrived today, so I need to get to the back to deposit that! I can give the contractor 5600 on Monday. :)

The dogs are good, I'm going to walk them in a few minutes. LG is good, DB is sick with a virus right now... Poor kid... He doesn't like to be sick. My girl is doing good. She had a quiet Christmas, and is hoping to get home for Christmas 2017.  I've got to run, as the dogs need to be walked, I have to go back to the physio and get ready for work too. 


Jane said...

How old was your furnace? I know I'll be facing that in the next couple of years as my furnace is 22 years old. But so far so good, fingers crossed I get a few more years out of it!

BlogReader said...

Sam have you ever talked about the kind of work you do? The night gig?

T'Pol said...

Good Luck with the new heating system. Hope, this one will function better and for many years to come. Home ownership is nice but has a lot of responsibilities and costs attached to it.

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