I'm still here... LOL Dec 20/16

I still pop in and write every once in a while, plus read too. I'll be very honest and say that it may be time in the next year or so to wrap things up here, and say good by to the original ostrich... LOL

I will say things are good. I'm happy with my relationship with LG and continue to build a relationship with DB... My DD is going good... My family is happy and healthy, we're all employed and growing as people.

The dogs are good, my poor boy is slowing down... 

I'm still working both places... LOL Not sure if that will ever change.

I'm ready for Christmas, the tree is up and the mantel is decorated. The gifts are bought, some will be delivered today and tomorrow.  I'm not working anywhere from Dec 24 to Jan 3... A well desevered break. LG is off the same amount of time.

I;m looking forward to time spent with family and friends...

Have a wonderful day and holiday season.


Hawaii Planner said…
Enjoy your holiday & time with your near & dear. I"ll miss you if you leave!
Jolie said…
I feel like I am lacking anything remotely close to original to say when I blog too :-)

It's good to hear things are still going so well with you and LG

Have a wonderful holiday!
T'Pol said…
Happy Holidays!
Jane said…
I love hearing about how well things are going :) You have a good handle on things and when things are going well there is less to write about it seems. Would appreciate at least a monthly update!

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