Monday November 28/16

It seems that I post about every two weeks or so in the past year... I can;t make any promises to do more than this...

Life is ticking along as normal. DD is doing pretty good, living her life, with some small struggles, but without the struggles one doesn't grow... I'll miss her again like crazy this Christmas, but I'm hoping to see her sometime is the late winter. I'll mail her parcel out this week and one of her best friends is going to see her in a few weeks, so i'll be able to send some salsa and stuff up to her! :)

We celebrated LG's birthday this past week. I bought him new work boots, as he like many of us, will do for others before our selves... He;s got some happy feet now...  I picked up a hat for him from his son, which thrilled his son and him...  I baked a cake and learned that you really shouldn;t substitute baking powder for cream of tartar and baking soda...  DB iced and decorated the cake. We had cake number 1 at 11 am...

Saturday afternoon I decorated the outside of the house and puttered around. We went for supper on Saturday evening with his parents and had a visit with his parents and cake too. Sunday morning found us making a big breakfast, doing some house work and outside work. The dogs got a long walk, my mom joined us for supper and db stayed on the couch most of the day as he was sick.

Things as good here, and I hope they are the same for you as well. Life is not perfect, but it is good!


Jane said…
I am very happy that things are going well for you! Things are not 100% perfect here but they are pretty darn good! I think I'll start the decorating today. I don't do much outside but will get a pot full of twigs and evergreens. Haven't put the tree up in the last couple of years because of the kitties but am going to take a chance this year! Wish me luck!
Your posts are extra special now because they're more infrequent :) I'm doing all my Christmas cards today (at work because...SO slow), but have already got the presents I need. My mum has asked for a large jar of Marmite - doesn't get much easier than that! If I'm motivated I may start decorating the office today, too, although it still seems a bit early. I keep waiting for snow, y'see, and keep forgetting that's highly unlikely.

Have a great holiday Sam! xx

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