Monday October 17, 2016

Hello all,

things here are going decent. Last week was a rough week, I was out of sorts all week, cried every time I turned around and work... Let's just say that it's even crept into my dreams, which hasn't happened for years.  I did however,  focused on eat clean ( i did have some homemade fudge and popcorn from the movie theater). I also walked the dogs every day last week. Which has not been the case at all since February. They were very happy about it, and me too!

LG ( that's what i refer to my boyfriend as), DB ( That's his son) and I had a hard time to coordinate schedules, but we managed to have a late supper on Saturday evening, a marathon of you tube videos and then a quick breakfast together Sunday morning before doing our own things yesterday.  I. along with my mother, swamped out my kitchen. Looks much better and a little better organized. Today, I've working at my pt job for a few hours, then I'll be heading to visit LG for the evening. We're going to carve pumpkins tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean the living room and get it sorted out, then move down the hall to the bedrooms and get them cleaned next week. I already stripped down the beds and did all the bedding a few weeks ago, so that doesn't have to be done again til the spring ( mattress pad, comforters, etc, i change my sheets every week)....

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great week.


Jane said…
Ahhhh dreaming about work - been there and done that endlessly. I still do once in a while though I've been retired 2 years. Stressful jobs will do that to you as you well know. I hope you're feeling better now and have lots of pleasant activities planned to balance things out. Take care.

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