Long time no see!

So I'm an absolute slacker these days when it comes to writing anything, including here!

So what's new?

I had a great trip to see DD in Montreal. I only got lost once in Montreal... Yeah Me... I got to traipse around on my own, and spent time getting a mani-pedi... Pure heaven... Plus I bought lots of fresh veggies to make homemade salsa and tomato sauce.

A triple batch of salsa was made the day after i got home with the help of LG.  He loves to make pickles, salsa, etc, so it's amazing... Both of our houses have homemade goodies... Salsa, tomaotes, beets, with more to come... Our little garden at LG's house did well. Green peppers, tomoatoes that are ripening in the house right now, 11 squash is the total haul... We were both really happy with it!

My dogs are always entertaning. My male is getting slower all the time, and LG and I are considering getting a puppy... I'll keep you posted...  The puppy will live here with me...

We just got back from climbing Mt Carelton, the highest point in the maritime provinces.  A total of 14.37 kms were walked... I was pooped when it was all done. I'm so amazed that I/We did it... So pleased :)

It's almost the weekend and turkey day... I hope all is well with you!


Jane said…
I think homemade stuff is the best! So much more flavour as you're using ingredients that are actually ripe and there are no preservatives/chemicals etc. Kazi loves the salsa I make much more than store bought. Good for you on your big climb! I've hiked that far and further but not always on the up up up! I can handle hills but I don't know about a mountain!
Jolie said…
So glad you and your Lovely Gentleman are doing well. Your house must have smelled amazing after making the salsa.

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