Monday, September 12/16

Hello all,

I have been very slack wirting here as of late ( well, i'd say for the past 18 months or so... LOL).

What's new and exciting? I'm heading out tomorrow to visit DD for a few days! Can;t wait and I'm driving... eek...

My back has gone wonky again... Fingers crossed that i get it back to normal soon... it's the 12 hour shifts that is doing it...

LG and i are doing great... Today marks our first date anniversary... I am awed by this... and Super happy!

My dogs are doing good... Well, the female is, my first fur baby, who've I've had for almost as long as this blog is declining rapidly... :(... He's still happy, but his body is falling to pieces...

My family is good, we've had lots of adventures and planning more...  The garden did well at LG's home. We've bottle some tomatoes and dried the skins.. I'll let you all know how they turn out!

I hope everyone is having a great last few days of summer. I'll check in next week!

Oh and I've been tobacco free for over 6 weeks now! :)


Linda said…
Not smoking is great! LG? New boyfriend?

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