Aug 15/16

Well folks, it's just about halfway through August... Back to school supplies are selling fast, lots of fresh veggies to be had,  people are starting to panic about things that they haven't accomplished so fat this summer...

I've not smoked since the 31 of July, ... :) I've worked at both placed, attended a wedding reception  Saturday night where almost everyone smoked...and I've survived... :) So far, so good... The few times that the urge has been really strong, I've thought to myself, i have x numbers of days in so far, just breath, go for a walk, etc and get over it...

It's been eight years that I've been writing this blog... I can hardly believe it... I can say that I've been a work in progress for sure! I've learned lots of lessons, some of them over and over again. LOL

LG and I are doing great... It'll be a year in September since we started dating... How's that one for something to ponder! we're going camping this weekend... I'm excited and so is he. DB is coming too, and DB and I are heading down early to set up. LG will join us when he is done work. It'll be a weekend filled with canoeing, walking, meals made together and more memories being made... Plus a trip to the beach and other things like playing cards by lamp light, camp fires, etc...

It's a short work week for me, two days at my FT job, then I'm off for 6, work three off five, work 1.5, then I'm off for another 6 and that will be the end of summer!


A year already! My, how time flies. It sounds like you have great end of summer plans so I hope the weather is good.

And congratulations on your blog-oversary AND HUGE congratulations on the no smoking! So fantastic. It's not easy, but absolutely worth it. xx

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