Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday July 19/16

Another week has passed by. I spent 6/8 days working... I was off last Thursday and I'm off today.

 I will say it out loud, I'm getting tired of the two jobs and I'm thinking of leaving my pt job withn the next year, and I will be looking for a transfer to another department with my FT job... I'm ok with a cut in pay... I want a Monday to friday job again, one that will fit my life better. Some of my ongoing health issues that had been kept at bay or improved for over two years are back... Plus a 10 lb weight gain... Not cool...

Today I'm puttering around the house, and will be going for a hike with a friend. We'll get some much needed girl time and exercise to boot! I've managed to clean half the bathroom and will finsih that shortly, plus a load of laundry. I'll cook some supper and go visit LG and DB this evening.

We're going camping in August for a weekend, and I'm super excited. However, i went to check out my camping stuff and there is very little left... Guess I'll be doing some yardsales and thrift store shopping in the next few weeks. LG has a tent, I still have my stove and it's the small things, bowls, plates, pots and pans that are needed. We'll get a list together and decide on meals and the like. I made the reservation and it will cost me less than tewnty dollars for my share for two nights... :) I still need to look at canoe rentals for a day, but I'm figuring the total cost for me for my share will be less than 150... That's gas, food, rentals, etc...


Linda said...

That is a lot of working! Camping--you would have to tie me up to get me there.

Jane said...

I hope you have better weather for your camping trip. There is something to be said about having a Monday to Friday schedule for work - so much easier to plan for and less stress. And I think ONE job is plenty :)

April White said...

I love camping but strongly dislike cooking over a campfire.
I'm back blogging on my old site again. Stop by and say Hi!

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