Today's the day!

I'm heading to PEI in a few short hours. DD is going to meet us there, LG and DB are traveling in his antique car in hopes that a buyer will purchase it... The dogs and I are going in my little red car... I've got laundry on the go, the last minute groceries to buy very soon, and it'll be time to pack the car and drive!

The dogs are being good right now. I'll walk them when we get to the island this afternoon. The weather is cool and rainy right now, a welcome reprieve from the 30 plus we've had all week.

I'm looking forward to long walks on the beach, some time spent reading, cooking meals with the family, playing washer toss and outdoor yatzee, bonfires and some cold drinks...  I'm looking forward to getting to know my brothers GF and her kids a little better, spending some time alone with DD ( even if it's a walk on the beach), relaxing with LG and being entertained by DB. My nephews are so excited about beach adventures, LG is looking forward to buying seafood and having lunch on a wharf or beach some where, DB is just happy to be going away. My mom is happy that her children and grandchildren will be all in one spot. My older sister is flying in at noon, and momma is picking her up at the airport. My nephews are planning on jumping in with them in PEI and finishing the journey with them.

I'm so thankful that we're being given this opportunity to spend a week together. Here's to warm days, cool evenings, cold drinks good food and some beach therapy! I hope everyone has a wonderful first week of July!


Have a great time, Sam! I hope you come home rested, relaxed and re-energised :) Safe travels xx
Sharon said…
It sounds wonderful! Hope you have an awesome, relaxing time!! :)
Sharon said…
It sounds awesome! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time!!
Jolie said…
Your plan for PEI sounds amazing. I haven't been but DH has and loved it. It's on my 'one day' list.
Hawaii Planner said…
Sounds like the perfect trip - I hope it's amazing!!
Jane said…
Sounds fantastic - have a great time!!

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