Post vacation and other things!

The weather was not so great , cold and windy most days, but we made the best of it. We had lots of laughs, fires on the beach and by the cottages. Lots of beach glass and cool rocks were added to collections. Conversations about food, life and family memories shared. Good meals, sharing of forgotten items and snuggling of dogs.  I saw every sunrise and sunset. Afternoon naps were mandatory.  LG and DB had fun, LG won the yatzee tournament anf DB came in third for the washer toss. Trophys and awards were handed out the last evening we were there.

Saturday I went to a wedding reception for a dear friends son, who's like a big brother to my DD. Lobster and corn on the cob were served. Lots of laughs, a few drinks and some great chats were had.

Sunday morning, DD's other grandmother came to see her, and by 2:00 pm, she and her boyfriend were headed back to Montreal... They were home before 11:30 our time. I spent the afternoon with LG.

Yesterday I was sick... I slept all afternoon and most of the morning... I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.  I had supper at my mom's and stayed for about an hour or so after.

Today it was back to reality, gym, dog walking, working at my PT job and home again.

That my friends is what my week's vacation was... How about you?


Jolie said…
some of the best vacations I can recall were when the weather wasn't always 'clear skies, sun shining'. Your holiday sounds lovely. Lots of outside, lots of campfires and lots of laughter. Good for you!
Lindsay said…
Sounds like you were a busy bee!
Sounds fantastic! Campfires on the beach are the BEST. xx
Jane said…
Sorry about the weather but the cool temps probably aided in the snuggling :) That's PEI for you, great one year not so great the next. My sister who lives near Montague on PEI has her first load of company arriving today - she is really hoping it warms up AND that all the black flies disappear!

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