June 11/16

The past few days have gone fast... I have one day before I go back to work at my FT job and tomorrow I'm working at my PT job... I normally don;t work Sunday's but the AGM wanted the day off, so I'm covering for her.

I worked a 10 hour shift there on Thursday... Yes, this 46 year old did a 10 hour waitress shift without sitting down... I still have mad skills as my DD likes to call it. I had slept from 8 pm til six am On Wednesday night, so I had energy. On Friday I went to the gym, walked the dogs and mowed the lawn, all by 1:00... I had a short nap and did a few things around the house, went out for supper with a friend and went to visit LG to finish off the day.  This morning the dogs got their walk and I headed to LG's home, where we planted ( I planted and he washed and waxed my car), tomatoes, squash,  zucchini, peppers, lettuce, peas and yellow beans... We'd take breaks and sit on the front step and talk about anything and everything.  It was overcast by times, but nice. Db was hanging out with friends and didn;t want to leave them to come here for supper tonight, so I headed to the grocery store, picked up a few things, I got home around 5:30 and called my momma and invited her for supper. We had a lovely supper of roasted asparagus, sweet potatoes and chicken.  we did a bit more planning for PEI, ( three weeks from today we'll be there!).

Now I'm going to fold some laundry, and tidy up a bit  before bed. I suspect that it may be another 10 hour day tomorrow, and I'm working Friday night at my PT job too, so I'll work 6 straight days... But it'll be worth it... Next week, I'm planning on just puttering around doing house and yard work... In between working that is...  I hope you're all having a great weekend!

PS, Jane it's just under 2 hours from Fredericton from here...


~Carla~ said…
Wow.. Good for you! Hard work is good for the soul I think! I've been busting my @ss to reach my savings goals and weeks have been very full, but I know it'll be worth it!! PEI, how exciting!! :) I'm jealous!
Jane said…
You seem to have your world by the tail Sam and I am so happy for you! You sure do have mad skills :) and not just at work! Is it getting warmer there?

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