May 9/16

This past week has been busy but good. Like most Canadians, the wildfires in Fort Mac have been on my mind. Like most people, it's had an impact on my life. Little things like having cash on hand, gas in the tank and knowing where important papers are. Watching the news feed and reading what friends have posted has been overwhelming by times. Seeing the wonderful things that people have done for one another has been heartwarming.

I hope that everyone who's is a mother lad a wonderful mother's day. I spent the morning looking for fiddleheads... They'll be out in full force soon... and I will post photos when I get my winters supply. I'm guessing that it'll be next Sunday, which will be a very full day of picking, cleaning and blanching...  It'll be so worth it next winter to be able to eat the little green nuggets that taste like spring...

I had a lobster sandwich for lunch on homemade bread... yummy... supper, i BBQ'ed steaks and everyone else had made salads... dessert was a ice cream roll...  I talked to my darling daughter last evening and had morning coffee with my momma, and spent part of the afternoon with LG's mom, supper was with my momma and my sister/cousin and mom's brother, wife and daughter. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Today I have a mammogram and ultrasound booked. I will be at the hospital all morning and this afternoon I need to vote and do some things around the house. I work at my pt job two short shifts this week and then I work 3 days at my PT job and then I'm off for 5 days.


Jane said…
Your Mother's Day sounds wonderful! I love fiddleheads but I'm not sure if they are in my area or not. I can buy frozen ones at the grocery store for about an arm and a leg! Your positive energy continues to grow!! :)

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