May 2 /2016

Time really does fly when you get older... May already? The grass is turning green, the trees are budding, the fish are running, lobster season opened...

What's new around here? One dog was at the groomers and had a shave... She looks cute, but she is cut very short.... I've been doing some cleaning up and out, both here and at LG's house ( I cleaned out a cupboard at his house, as there was some long expired food items LOL, and that's the only thing I've done there). No worries here, as I use up all of my stuff...  LG and I are continuing at a very good pace.

We have very similar mindsets when it come to shopping and food. Buy what you needs, have a stockpile of things that you use on a regular basis, watch the sales. as far as spending huge amounts of money on clothes, neither one of us buy these things on a regular basis, and I prefer to spend a large portion of my clothing budget on good foot wear ( sneakers for the gym and walking, good winter boots).

We are going to pick fiddleheads and get them ready for the winter. Plus there will be pickling and bottling of stuff this summer. Strawberries and blueberries are on the list to be picked and frozen for the winter.  We're planting a garden at his house for the summer...  I'm not sure if the tomatoes that we planted from seed will survive, but we'll try again...

His son and I continue to build our relationship. He's a good kid with a soft heart. He's very comfortable with me now, to the point that he'll bring friends to my house for supper and to hang out. I engage him when it comes to making meals, and he is a good helper.

My momma is under going some medical tests right now, and she is very stubborn. She hates to say she needs help, and I told her that it's not a sign of weakness, but one of strength when you can reach out to others. ( This has been a huge lesson for me to learn, but I finally get it!)

Work is work, I choose not to dwell on what's happening there. I'm working very little at my PT job these days, she's hired a lot of people for the summer. It's ok however, as I no longer want to work all the time! I just need to get the money figured out.

I completed my taxes and owe 2500... Yikes... I will get it paid off, eventually!

That my friends, is a quick overview of my life these days.


Jane said…
Eek, that's quite a tax bill! I don't like asking for help either but I DO like to help others so I just remind myself of that when I need to reach out. Sometimes it's a gift to others to let them help.
Hawaii Planner said…
Sounds like things are going really well! And, I'm with the you. The time is flying by. The kids are growing too quickly, and I'm not emotionally prepared.
Big hugs! Sounds like most all is well in Sam's world - I think having such a comfortable, happy, rich personal life helps with the not as great work side of things. Your posts are always so uplifting! xx

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