Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WEdnesday Aoril 20/16

One more day to work then I'm off for three whole days. I need to get some stuff done around here in a very bad way!

I purchased some much needed summer clothes this week end. I had very little in the way of clothes for spring summer and decided it was time. I just need a couple of white tee's and I'm done. I have plenty to do now.

I've not managed to get to the gym at all when I'm working my 12 hours days. I'm beat when I get home. I did walk the dogs tonight, so that was a huge bonus. I am still trying to find the right mix for myself and working rotating shifts... It's been 8 weeks and it's ok... Not great, but it pays the bills...

LG and I are still going good. HE's a good balance for me... which I need... lol

The dogs are still adjusting to the changes too. They're pretty well behaved, so I'm thankful for that.

Other than that, my life is moving at a very fast pace... 10 more days til the 1st of May... And I've booked off every Sunday in May... Sweet!

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Jane said...

Nobody should have to work Sundays in May, although of course many have to - I'm glad you have all of your upcoming May Sundays OFF - that is indeed something to look forward to. I can't imagine exercising after a 12 hour day! You're doing the best you can and no one can fault you for that!

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