WEdnesday Aoril 20/16

One more day to work then I'm off for three whole days. I need to get some stuff done around here in a very bad way!

I purchased some much needed summer clothes this week end. I had very little in the way of clothes for spring summer and decided it was time. I just need a couple of white tee's and I'm done. I have plenty to do now.

I've not managed to get to the gym at all when I'm working my 12 hours days. I'm beat when I get home. I did walk the dogs tonight, so that was a huge bonus. I am still trying to find the right mix for myself and working rotating shifts... It's been 8 weeks and it's ok... Not great, but it pays the bills...

LG and I are still going good. HE's a good balance for me... which I need... lol

The dogs are still adjusting to the changes too. They're pretty well behaved, so I'm thankful for that.

Other than that, my life is moving at a very fast pace... 10 more days til the 1st of May... And I've booked off every Sunday in May... Sweet!


Jane said…
Nobody should have to work Sundays in May, although of course many have to - I'm glad you have all of your upcoming May Sundays OFF - that is indeed something to look forward to. I can't imagine exercising after a 12 hour day! You're doing the best you can and no one can fault you for that!

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