Thursday March 3/2016

Well hello everyone! March came in with a bang ( technically it was freezing rain yesterday, and it's really cold today)... Here's hoping for an early spring.

This week is flying by. I worked my pt job Monday lunch and it was good. I have a lot of regulars, so that helps! I've got my suitcase packed and I'm ready for my trip to see my Darling Daughter.... Three more sleeps before I see her... Eek, I'm excited!

LG and DB have their bags packed too. DB has made a list of things to pack and has slowly been ticking it off. LG and I had a rare occasion to spend a few hours together alone last evening. When you are juggling work, parenthood full time and other life responsibilities, alone time is rare and precious...

I an up now for day three of four shifts. I think today will be much better than last week. I even made it to the gym after my first day shift. and the plan is that I go again tonight. Fingers crossed!

That's it for me for now. I hope every one has a great week. I probably won"t have a chance to write again until next Friday the 11th. So have a blast everyone, and I look forward to catching up next week!


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