Sunday Feb 28/16

So February has flown by. One more day and this month will be in the books. It's been a month of ups and downs for sure, but I've survived it.

LG and I are good. We've had lunch dates, so that we have time alone with one another. His son is living with him FT and is still adjusting. We've usually have suppers together on the weekends and hang out doing something, whether it's watching tv, or just talking.

Our plans for March break are coming along. We're leaving next Saturday and staying in Quebec City Saturday night, Sunday morning we're driving into Montreal to see my darling daughter. I'm so excited to visit with her. We're going to a NHL hockey game Tuesday night, which is going to be a first for all four of us. Tickets are printed and ready to go.... Now I have to put them somewhere safe...

I worked Friday night at my PT job... it was a good steady evening. I was happy to be there...  

I had acupuncture and my back cracked again on Friday... amazing how much better I feel afterwards..

I'm having the parents over for supper this evening, LG's and my mom. I love cooking Sunday suppers, and tonight's menu is ham with scalloped potatoes, fiddleheads and other veggies. LG's mom is bring dessert, and my mom is roasting veggies. I think we'll be well fed.

I'm going to do some cleaning and get my bag packed for our trip tonight/tomorrow. I want to have the least another of stress as possible, so if my bag is packed and ready to go, that's one less thing to worry about.

The dog sitter is good and she's getting paid in American funds, as I have money left from the last time I was traveling. It's been paid for, so I won't be stressing about getting her paid..

Happy Sunday all!


Jane said…
The Montreal Canadiens had a great start but have dropped steadily in the standings the last couple of months :( I've never been to their new arena. Have an awesome time and hope the weather is decent!

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