Just a quick post... Feb 24/16

I've managed to get up and get out the door for 6:35 am twice so far, I have today and tomorrow left to work. I was severely disappointed to see where they have me slated to work today.... I will speak to the supervisor about it today. I do believe that I should be given a choice as to where I'm working... We shall see...

The poor dogs are having a hard time. I'm gone from 6:35 til after lunch, home to take them for a walk on my break, then back again just after 7. I went to the gym on my first day ( go me, LOL), then I went to visit LG and DB for a couple of hours last night. Tonight, the weather is supposed to be bad, so I will work out from home and just chill with the dogs... I will clean the house and do some laundry to boot.

I can thrive doing this and so far so good... I just have to focus on what brings me joy...


update: I  last 2.75 hours with day three and my new assignment... My BP was 160/99 when I left work... I spoke to the supervisor and told her that my health was worth more than work.. I'll be working somewhere tomorrow. Today, I'm going to enjoy the day and an unexpected lunch date with LG!


Jane said…
Hoo boy, quite an adjustment you have to make and I am so proud of how you are sticking up for yourself and putting your health FIRST!

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