Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb 14/16

It's Valentines Day...  A day filed with anticipation for some, anxiety for others, sadness and hope...  How am I feeling this year? I'm feeling happy, with no expectations. I struggled with the idea of a gift ) too much, too little, not what he wants), so I bought a funny card that had punch out coupons to be redeemed. Yes, I do have something stashed away for him ( it's an extendable snow brush for his car, as he is terrible at buying things he needs)... I will bake some cookies later on today, and I bought some chocolate bars...

My ft job has been filled with turmoil this past week. The stress of the situation has taken its toll on my body, a major flare up of my IBS ( 8 days of running to the bathroom, 5 days of nothing and one last day of running). It's settled down now... I've got some major knots and restricted movement in my back, all which have been stress inducted. I had acupuncture done on Wednesday, which helped reduce this.. I'm going to have a massage done someday this week to help reduce the tension and more acupuncture...  I had my Dr's appointment and she agreed that going back to working over nights is not good for my health. Since I've stopped working overnights, I've made huge strides in my overall well being. I am being proactive and protecting my mental health... I still have no idea of when I'm going back to shift work, what shifts I'll be working, but I'm hopeful that I will have answers this week.

Yesterday, I took the day and did some major swamping out of my house. I had the option to go with LG and DB away for the day, but I was in need of a day for me to putter and gets things tidied up. It was great. I got a ton of things done, had a visit with a friend and LG and DB stopped by for supper on their way home. They stayed for a few hours and were gone before 10 last night. I slept from 10:30 last night til 8:30 this morning, so I had a much needed deep sleep.

LG and DB meet a good chunk of my mom's extended family last Saturday. We had a good time, full bellies and lots of laughs. Sunday we snowshoed, had a visit with his parents and cooked supper at his house. DB had a friend over while i was there, and it's very different watching boys play than girls... I laughed a ton at them...

So far this month I am on track for my financial goal for my PT job... I also refused a shift for last night... I chose time with people instead of money... Which is a big thing for me.... I am learning... LOL


Jane said...

Acupuncture and deep massage has been a huge help to me over the years - so glad you are able to access both and that they help you too. It's terrible what stress does to our bodies isn't it. But you are making great choices! Sometimes I don't do things with people if it costs money which is a bad habit for me. I need to remember that interactions with friends and family is worth a little outlay of cash!

REBECCA jones said...

I am glad that you got good results through acupuncture. You should continue with it and I am sure that it’ll help you in overcoming stress and depression. You know I also had acupuncture done for my anxiety problem at a local Mississauga acupuncture clinic. It gave so much relief!!

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