Friday, January 8, 2016

The sound works for net flics...

The sound on the tv works for net flics, so it must be something with the box for cable that is not working right.... That means I don;t have to buy a new TV... Thank goodness!

I found out that my retro is 2600 and change... I paid almost 2700 in income tax this pay... can you say OUCH!  On a postive note, I will be paying one CC off in full, and giving my mother the 600 for my plane ticket. I will have about 300 or so for me. I'm not sure what I will do with the money. I may buy steel framed snow shoes and new ski pants... I've had the same snow pants since 1999, so it may be time to up grade...

The weather has been quite good so far.. Only one really cold day, and so far the dogs have been getting some dandy walks in. I made it to the gym twice this week, went this morning and it was closed.... Not sure why... I ran some errands and had breakfast with two friends.  LG and I had lunch together twice this week, and it was fun. We sit and laugh and talk. He brings added joy to my life for sure.

I picked up DB a new back pack for his birthday... I'm a bargain hunter and when you find a name brand back pack for 11.30 ( that's including the tax), you grab it. LG laughed, as when I told him what I had picked up, he told me he goes through them like crazy...

I'm off to shower, as I am attending a wake for the guy who set my younger sister and her husband up. Addictions are a hard thing to break, and he lost his battle.  My family was overwhelmed by the news.

My spending has been decent... I've spent less than twenty dollars on my tobacco addiction this month.... and have smoked less than fifteen cigarettes since the 2nd.... This will be my year to become nicotine free... :)


Jane said...

Man, the income tax on extra income is terrible isn't it? Yet, you have some bonus money and that's always fun :) Glad to hear about your TV being ok, that saves you a bundle. So sorry about the loss of your friend. Addictions are hard on everyone - if you can become nicotine free that will be fantastic!! I'm rooting for you!

Canadian Saver said...

Is $2600 your extra take home? That is a really nice chunk! We have been without a contract (and increase!) since December 31 2014... I know once we get the back time it will mean a lot of taxes paid too! I doubt mine will even reach $1,000 but still will be nice.

Good luck with stopping smoking... my mom smoked for a long time, stopped in 1990 and now has bladder cancer that was most definitely caused by the smoking. She's had 4 surgeries and is undergoing a 3 year treatment plan. I'll pray that you will be successful at quitting.

Congrats on the new relationship :)

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