Sunday Jan 17/16

The month is half done, the weather has been decent so far. We've had one major snow storm so far this month, one really cold day, lots of sunshine and fairly mild temperatures. 

The dogs have had 11 long walks so far this month, I've made it to the gym 4 times so far ( this has to improve!), and I had one 2.5 hour snow shoeing adventure in the woods. I also went skeet shooting for the first time ever yesterday ( and I managed to shoot two clays) and considering it's been over 30 years since I picked up a gun I think I did pretty good.

I haven't been tracking every cent, but I have a general idea of where my money is going and that is a good thing. I've managed to spend very little at the grocery store, which is even better!

The lovely gentleman and I are continuing to do well. We managed two lunch dates this week, yesterday we hung out for 12 hours ( snow shoeing, skeet shooting, a visit with his parents and he and his son cooked supper for me). I walked the dogs early and my mom came to let them out for a pee and their afternoon snack for me. They were pretty excited when I got home last evening.

We received our retro and I put 1700 on a cc and gave my mom 600 for the plane ticket. It feels really good to get stuff paid down...

Work is work, nothing to get too excited about. I worked less than 8 hours at the restaurant this week and I have the same schedule this coming week.

I thought I would clarify something from last week and my cranky table. In the resturaunt I work at, we tip out to the kitchen staff automatically. For every 100 in net sales, we give the kitchen 3.00 without exception. So the table that I served and left me nothing, I paid 6.00 out of my own pocket tot serve them.

I hope that everyone had a great week. 


Jane said…
Most customers don't realize about tipping out. Kazi has been in the industry for several years and usually has had to pay a % to the kitchen staff and since she's a bartender she has to pay a % to the barman behind the scenes. So if she got nothing for a tip which occasionally happens when she deals with university students she doesn't have to pay anything out. Too bad you had to pay out of your own pocket for that awful table. Hope you don't see them again!

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