Sunday, December 27/15

My Christmas was wonderful. Lots of laughs, some thoughtful gifts ( two pairs of leather gloves, three pairs of pj's, an adult coloring book were the high lights, oh and my brother bought me a set of fat calibrators, which i was excited about).

We played meet the parents which went over very well. I went to his parents for turkey at lunch time, and we laughed and ate. Dear boy was excited to show me his gifts, and LG's mother let me know that I was gifted a pair of boots . I laughed, as we hadn't opened our gifts yet. She was so embarrassed, and i couldn't help but laugh.

I talked to DD twice that day, she loved her gifts and I bought a tablet for her as a surprise. It was a huge hit.  I had a lovely walk with the dogs and my mom in the morning, and breakfast with her.

At supper time, they came here and we opened our gifts. I was told that I had bought too much, but I told LG that he was to accept the gifts, as he is very generous with others and will put his own needs last. He got it, and was filled with gratitude.

We had supper with my mom, and it went well. We ate and laughed, and people came by to visit. it was really good.

On boxing day, my sister and her son came, so we had a bonfire last night, complete with hots dogs and hot chocolate. LG and DB came too, and again more stories were told and laughs were shared. One of my oldest friends stopped by for a vist in hte afternoon and we sat and talked for over an hour. The dogs got a lovely walk again and it was another beautiful day.

It's snowing here now, so it will be a quiet day. I'll go over for a quick visit with my family and I'm planning on coming home, and reading, watching some tv and bits of house work.

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


Jolie said…
It all sounds wonderful, but that bonfire and hot chocolate speaks to my soul. So glad you had a great day.
What a beautiful holiday you had! Thanks for sharing it with us, Sam. So nice to hear how things are progessing with LG, too. Here's to an even better 2016! xx

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