Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Dec 14/15

I had a wonderful weekend. I went to visit my siblings for the night, and got some shopping done at Costco and the Boyce Farmers market. We hung out, ate homemade pizza, and drank some yummy red wine. Of and coffee and Bailey's.  I got home Saturday evening, unpacked, bought a few groceries, picked the dogs up from my mommas and had a visit with her. I was soaking in the tub, went the lovely gentleman sent me a text, asking if I wanted to watch a movie with some company. The lovely gentleman and his dear boy came to watch a movie. The dogs were good with dear boy, as it was their ( and mine) first time really meeting. We watched the Muppets movie and LG and I laughed our asses off, while DB laughed but told us that he thought we were dorks for liking the movie... Kids... Apparently DB liked me, as we went out for supper last night and then they came back to my house for another hour or so. DB told me lots of stories about his friends and school, so that is a huge step made. Plus, the dogs were all over him and that is always a good sign...

The weather was wonderful this weekend, warm and sunny. I had a lovely walk with the dogs yesterday and loved every second of it. Added bonus, I got my car washed... 

Today, I work at my FT job and we're supposed to have a major storm, so tomorrow will be a baking day... I hope everyone has a wonderful day and week!

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Jane said...

I think DB likes you--what's not to like!! Sounds like a terrific weekend - I laugh at kid's movies too, I recently saw Shaun the Sheep Movie and the Minions movie - both winners!

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