Dec 7/15

My weekend was good, I had lovely conversations with dear friends that fed my soul this weekend. I ran errands, walked the dogs and enjoyed the warm weather. I hung out with my mother, had numerous telephone calls with the lovely gentleman, and I worked at my PT job.

I even got the tree up and decorate this year. I still want to put the stars and tinsel on the tree, but I can take my time and do this. 

I had an unexpected surprise at my pt job Saturday night. The lovely gentleman brought his son out for supper and showed up at the restaurant.  Neither his son or I knew it was going to happen, but it was a way to meet with no pressure. It was crazy busy, so I only had a chance to say hello and to smile when I saw them. It was a unique way for a first meeting, but there was no pressure involved. I had a chance to watch them interact, while his son had the opportunity to see me working and just observe my interactions with strangers. It went well, as his son has asked LG if I would like to do something next Sunday with them. We shall wait and see what happens, as neither one of the adults want to force any interaction. I am just happy that his son is open to the idea of hanging out.

This week, I will work two short shifts at my pt job, plus regualr hours at my ft job. I am headin to visit my siblings on Friday and hopefully visit some old friends from university at the same time. I may stay two nights and come home Sunday morning, or I may drive home Saturday night. We shall see what the weekend brings...

I hoe everyone has a wonderful week!


Jane said…
I love how this relationship is unfolding. I think it represents the results of all of your efforts to eat well, exercise and be positive. Good things come to people who send out such good vibes :)

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