Dec 23/15

I am officially on vacation! I work two shifts in the next week at my pt job, but I an off from my ft job until the 4th of January.  It is a much welcomed break.

Things here are going well. I'm about to remotgage the home, I'm going with a  2 yr year mortgage @ 2.29 %, as there is a new school being built close to my house, which may spark interest in the area. I am also switching to weekly payments. The payments will be an even 200 every week, cause I like round numbers.

The lovely gentleman and I are continuing on at a good pace. His son likes to chatter on and fill me in on his life when I talk to his dad on the phone.

I am pretty much set for Christmas, I just need some groceries and I am done. I will baking today and I will make the rounds and visit a few people today.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Jolie said…
So glad you are getting a break from work and able to savour some downtime with friends, family and your lovely gentleman. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Jane said…
Thanks Sam! I hope your Christmas is every bit as good as you deserve! Isn't it lovely to have a wee break from the daily grind!

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