Dec 2/15

I didn't accomplish all my goals for November, but I think I did a fair job.

I did got out twice and the lovely gentleman did come out with me on Saturday night. We had a good time, he doesn't dance, but he's good with me getting up and having fun. I surprised him by going to the bar and buying drinks for the two of us. He is used to be the constant provider, while I'm used to doing everything solo. It was natural for me to buy the drinks, and he was a little surprised.  We have had conversations over this, and for the two of us, it's learning to both give and receive and being open to it. It's a learning curve, but we're open and honest and totally ourselves.

I really struggled with Christmas gifts. He is very generous, and I can get overwhelmed by times with his giving nature. I sat down and came up with a small list of things that I would like to have. Nothing too fancy or extravagant, just things that popped into my head.  I almost had a full blown anxiety attack shopping for him for some gifts. I stood in the store and had to tell myself that I was ok to buy these things and that gifts from the heart are appreciated. Once I did this, I was fine!

I finished all my shopping but a few stocking stuffers. I will complete this Thursday and Sunday. I only have the tree left to put up for decorations. DD's things are ready to be mailed out tomorrow. That makes me happy...

Work is good, busy as usual. I must be off and get ready to head out to my PT job. Happy Wednesday all!


Jane said…
I like how you and the lovely gentleman are talking and negotiating and being yourselves. You are off to an awesome start!
I love this. I love that you can be completely yourself with LG. I remember having one or two conversations with the Scot about paying for things and how I stated that it works both ways - I like to pay for things sometimes! He was quite determined that he pay for everything and I gave up and just let him do it in the end. It was nice to a point, but you do start to resent it a bit and feel perhaps a bit taken advantage of (on both sides) after a while.

This shows what a healthy, respectful relationship is. So happy for you (and sorry to make it more about me...ahem...) xx

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