update on November goals...

1- gym... I made it 4 times so far this month... wonky back again... but I keep walking the dogs and have been a smidge better about eating... I can still hit the target of 16 times this month if I push myself. Haven't even looked for a yoga class yet!

2.) track spending- not even close... I did good for 4 days, and then nada... I do have all my receipts however. Christmas and birthday gifts are planned, lots purchased. I just need some boxes and I will start wrapping...

3.) the living room is done, and half the yard work, including the Christmas decorations! I need to buy some more clear bags for the leaves.

4.) Social- on target for this. Went out for supper with my oldest friend ( 41 years and counting). I'm going out on the 28th to a dance ( the lovely gentleman has been invited to come, if he chooses not to, I'm still going).

5.) decluttering papers--- that's a huge no!

I'm going to say that I'm doing ok on this.


~Carla~ said…
I think i'm doing "ok" as well... we'll see how the next 2 weeks go! Good luck!
Jane said…
Goals? I think I remember making some goals lol! I've slacked a bit on my exercise goals but found another free meditation group. I have 2 yoga classes per week now, one is free and the other is $10 for a 90 minute class. I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet by watching youtube tutorials. It's going so so. I got the upstairs bathroom mostly finished this week - I did it while Kazi was away which means all of her stuff was out of the bathroom :) She's away again at the end of the month so I'm going to tackle finishing the foyer. Go me!
I'm rubbish at keeping track of my spending - I have spent EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so far, sometimes multiple times! Fortunately (?!) I use debit for everything, so I can track it, and I've just updated my spreadsheet today. Holy crap.

I need to start being okay "doing without".

Well done on your goals, though! It's really good progress and something to be proud of! xx

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