Sunday, Nov 22/15

To be quite honest, there's not a whole lot new and exciting around here.  I've been working a ton, today is day 7 of a 12 day stretch... I worked yesterday t at 4 and today @ 10 at my pt job, plus short shifts there on Monday and Wednesday.  I will be happy to see 11:00 pm next Friday, as I'll be off for the weekend. It was busy last night. It was a good shift, but I am not used to working with so many people. It threw my game off a bit. I am on target for my goal this month ( 600 plus). so that is a good thing.

I'm taking my mom to see a play next Saturday evening and then I'm going to a Christmas party with a friend. The lovely gentleman has been invited and it's up to him whether or not he decides to come out.  I'm working 2 out of the 3 Saturdays before Christmas, so I'm hoping to go and visit my siblings on the Saturday I'm off. I've told LG that I'm going that day, and if he would like to come with me, he is more than welcome to hop in. I made the decision to keep doing what I would normally do, and if the LG wants to join me he can, if not, I will go and do things as I have been. It's not an easy thing to tell someone that yes I care about you, but there are things that I want to do and if you are unable to join in, I will carry on. I am confident enough in myself to be me in this relationship.

The dogs are doing well,  my boy's legs are getting wobbly, but I keep him active and fingers crossed he's still going to be here for a while. It's raining this morning, and while the dogs are not big fans of the rain, they need the exercise. So I will take them out shortly.

My house is gradually getting cleaned and sorted. I have another bag of clothes to take to the deposit box. I ruined my favorite pants last week by spilling coffee over them ( go figure), so I am down to one pair. I will have to do some shopping soon! Good thing I wear leggings most days! 


Jane said…
I love my leggings too! Easy, comfy, and look good with boots. I'm glad you are feeling confident in your relationship to be you - I know I've made mistakes in relationships by NOT being me but doing everything he wants to do and not speaking up for myself. You are doing so well!!

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