Sunday, how I love this day!

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week.  It's a day of simplicity, solitude and recharging for me. I tend not to shop or stray too far from the house on Sunday. I usually walk the dogs, cook, chat on the phone and do some housework.  Some days I visit with friends.

Today I was up early, and drank my coffee in the dark, while the sun rose. I cooked breakfast, played with the dogs, and puttered around. I read some stuff on line, and a real book, too. I walked the dogs, painted my toes, baked brownies ( which when I went to take them out of the pan, i lost part of them to the floor). I  cooked a pot roast, I cubed it, browned it and split in in two dishes. One dish I finished off with veggies, the second I cooked with mushrooms and onions and will freeze it for another day.

One of my best friends came for coffee, ( we've been friends for 41 years now) and we laughed and chatted for 2 hours. We are going out for supper on Wednesday too! We'll celebrate our birthdays that day.

I tracked most of my spending, got a chunk of the house cleaned... and will continue to work on this. I've spent time with the lovely gentleman again, which I thoroughly enjoy. He makes me laugh and he gets me... Lucky girl, I am!


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