Successful Shopping.

I managed to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. PJ's and books, things for DD. The lovely gentleman and I did well shopping together, I had my list, I knew what I wanted and found it. Another good things was everything was on sale... Whoop, whoop! He bought himself a new winter coat, a casual dress one.  It fit his shoulders and arms, but was way too big in the waist, so it was bought with the intention to have it taken to a tailor and having the waist brought in. It was funny, because I was telling my mother about it, and he is very much like my father in the aspect of buying clothes. Buy the first thing that fits and looks good. We had a good mooch around Costco, we ran into his aunt, who stutter and stammered upon meeting me. I think that she was very surprised! We also went to see his best friend and his wife. I was a little apprehensive, as it's not easy to be open to someone new. The intention was to stay for 30 minutes or so, but we stayed for 2 hours. They were very open and accepting.

I was saddened to hear what happened in Paris. What is the world coming to? We are blessed here in Canada.


Jolie said…
Just catching up on my reading and very glad to hear the news of your new friend. sounds like you did well meeting many of his important peeps. Well done!
Jane said…
I love hearing how happy you are!! You conquered two biggies - shopping and meeting his best friend. Oh, and then the aunt lol! Proud of you!! (I haven't even started shopping yet but know what I want to buy - that's half the battle!)

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