November goals...

It's been a while since I posted any goals, so here goes!

1- Health and wellness- get back on track with food. It's been a couple of weeks of off the rails eating and minimal meal prep. SO, I'm planning on cooking and eating healthier this month.  I would like to attend one yoga class this month and get to the gym a minimum of 16 times.

2- Money- track all my spending...  Plan out Christmas gifts and the like. I have a few birthday's coming up, so I need to get some ideas for that too.

3- House and home- finish the yard work and do a through scrub down of the living room and kitchen area.

4- Social- meet up with friends twice this month. I need to plan another evening out with the girls. I have made plans to get together with one of my friends from kindergarten on the 11th.  Plus, I'll continue to see the lovely gentleman...

5- Declutter- I need to finish the laundry basket full of papers that need to be sorted..

I think that this list is achievable. I'll keep you posted.


~Carla~ said…
Great list of goals! Looks very achievable! Good luck!
Jane said…
Hi Sam! Lots of people are posting goals and inspiring me. Like Christmas shopping - it's not so far away! Any goals related to personal health are #1 to me. I used to always put myself last so it's kind of fun, though weird, to put myself and my physical and mental health first. I never thought I'd get into yoga and meditation but am really enjoying it.

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