Friday, Nov 27/15

Today is my final day of the 12 straight  working days. They were busy days, but I've made it through so far.  I'm on target for my monthly goal from my pt job, plus we got our raise on our pay check from my ft job, which will add another 100 or so to my pocket net each pay.

It was the lovely gentleman's birthday yesterday, and he had a good day. I thought long and hard about a gift. I decided to buy him a travel bag filled with shower stuff, and added a tooth brush, tooth paste, etc, as he didn't have anything like that. He was quite surprised and I think he liked it.  He stopped by this morning with some leftovers for me, his momma cooked him a turkey supper and she made me a plate up. I can't wait for leftovers for supper tonight.

It would have been my parents 55 wedding anniversary yesterday, so I took my mom out for lunch and some shopping. It made a hard day a bit easier for her. We chatted with tons of people while we were out, as it seemed everyone decided to go shopping yesterday. 

The weather is lovely outside now, so I think I will get some yard work completed today and that will be finished. I will not make my target for the gym, but some things have to be let go in order to get others accomplished. 

I hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of November!


Hawaii Planner said…
Love the birthday idea! Sounds like it was well received. :-)
Jane said…
Leftovers are my favourite part of holiday dinners :) I think your gift was well thought out and I'm sure was appreciated. I've started trying to get an hour of exercise everyday between yoga, hiking, walking and biking on my stationary bike. Today is day 3 and I've done 15 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes walking while out doing errands. I'll top that off with some time on the bike. Like you say, sometimes some goals have to fall back in order to get other necessary things done.

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